VRITTI sanskrit meaning withdrawl of the mind or whirlpool of thought. 

We are an Activewear brand designed in New York City with the mission to dress urban men in materials that accomodate movement, sports, travel and leisure.

The idea for VRITTI manifested through my trips overseas as I practiced and studied with my yoga teachers in India, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas - All the while wearing worn out, baggy clothes for comfort and flexibility of movement.  But as I sat alongside women in the most beautiful, intricately-designed activewear, it dawned on me that men should be provided the same luxury, and why not!  We like to look good too.  Even when we're sweaty, backwards or upside down, the modern urban male is nothing short of style.

There's no time like the present to consider conscious design, eco-awareness, modern sustainability and age-old quality.  We are the solution.  The brand for men who refuses to settle for anything less than the perfect cut.